Taking a Wiz. . .

Don’t you just LOVE The Wizard of Oz?

ME too!

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Man this movie is great, but you know what would make it even better?  If it were edited in ALPHABETICAL ORDER according to the words in the script.”

Yeah, you may not be crazy enough to come up with an idea like that, but THIS guy sure did!


{I’ve heard of Script Sync, but this is ridiculous!}


YES.  It’s the whole movie.  No, I don’t know why either.




Kinda reminds me of this, though.

There.  That explains everything.


Michael Kahn – Legend

This guy has EDITED some FILMS!



Chances are, one of your favorite movies is on his credits list, because it’s pretty ridiculous!

He’s won 3 Oscars, 1 Emmy, 2 BAFTAs, 5 Eddies (including a Lifetime Achievement Award), and many others.


Super informative & interesting interview:

I love this because he tells it like it is!

(I know it’s long — see if you can put down your mobile device for two seconds and maybe you’ll learn something!)



perfecting your craft takes TIME , EFFORT & collaboration.

If you’re not interested in that, you are going to have a bad time.


Academy Award Winner Anne Bauchens

Never heard of her?

Well that’s YOUR bad.


This sweet-looking old lady from St. Louis might be

the baddest Edit Diva ever to walk the earth.


Check out the resume on this chick:

1918: We Can?t Have Everything (C. B. DeMille) (co-director); Till I Come Back to You (C. B. DeMille); The Squaw Man (C. B. DeMille). 1919: Male and Female (C. B. DeMille); For Better, for Worse (C. B. DeMille); Don?t Change Your Husband (C. B. DeMille). 1920: Why Change Your Wife? (C. B. DeMille); Something to Think About (C. B. DeMille). 1921: Forbidden Fruit (C. B. DeMille); Fool?s Paradise (C. B. DeMille); The Affairs of Anatol (C. B. DeMille). 1922: Saturday Night (C. B. DeMille); Manslaughter (C. B. DeMille). 1923: The Ten Commandments (C. B. DeMille); Adam?s Rib (C. B. DeMille). 1924: Triumph (C. B. DeMille); Feet of Clay (C. B. DeMille). 1925: The Road to Yesterday (C. B. DeMille); The Golden Bed (C. B. DeMille). 1926: The Volga Boatman (C. B. DeMille). 1927: The King of Kings (C. B. DeMille) (co); Chicago (Urson). 1928: Ned McCobb?s Daughter (Cowan); Craig?s Wife (W. C. de Mille). 1929: Noisy Neighbors (Reisner); The Godless Girl (C. B. DeMille); Dynamite (C. B. DeMille). 1930: Lord Byron of Broadway (Nigh and Beaumont); This Mad World (W. C. de Mille) (co); Madam Satan (Madame Satan) (C. B. DeMille). 1931: The Squaw Man (The White Man) (C. B. DeMille); Guilty Hands (Van Dyke); The Great Meadow (Brabin) (co). 1932: The Sign of the Cross (C. B. DeMille); The Beast of the City (City Sentinel) (Brabin); The Wet Parade (Fleming). 1933: Tonight Is Ours (Walker); Cradle Song (Leisen); This Day and Age (C. B. DeMille). 1934: Four Frightened People (C. B. DeMille); Cleopatra (C. B. DeMille); Menace (Murphy); Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (Taurog); One Hour Late (Murphy). 1935: The Crusades (C. B. DeMille). 1936: The Plainsman (C. B. DeMille). 1937: This Way Please (Florey). 1938: Bulldog Drummond in Africa (L. King); Hunted Men (Crime Gives Orders) (L. King); Sons of the Legion (Hogan); The Buccaneer (C. B. DeMille). 1939: Television Spy (Dmytryk); Union Pacific (C. B. DeMille). 1940: Women without Names (Florey); Northwest Mounted Police (C. B. DeMille). 1941: Land of Liberty. 1942: Reap the Wild Wind (C. B. DeMille); Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (Murphy). 1943: The Commandos Strike at Dawn (Farrow). 1944: The Story of Dr. Wassell (C. B. DeMille); Tomorrow the World (Fenton). 1945: Love Letters (Dieterle). 1947: Unconquered (C. B. DeMille). 1949: Samson and Delilah (C. B. DeMille). 1952: The Greatest Show on Earth (C. B. DeMille). 1956: The Ten Commandments (C. B. DeMille).


Bitch edited The Ten Commandments when she was 75.

She was nominated for the Academy Award 4 times and won once.

She is the first woman to win an Academy Award for film editing.

Bauchens & DeMille – the first great editor-director team.