Academy Award Winner Anne Bauchens

Never heard of her?

Well that’s YOUR bad.


This sweet-looking old lady from St. Louis might be

the baddest Edit Diva ever to walk the earth.


Check out the resume on this chick:

1918: We Can?t Have Everything (C. B. DeMille) (co-director); Till I Come Back to You (C. B. DeMille); The Squaw Man (C. B. DeMille). 1919: Male and Female (C. B. DeMille); For Better, for Worse (C. B. DeMille); Don?t Change Your Husband (C. B. DeMille). 1920: Why Change Your Wife? (C. B. DeMille); Something to Think About (C. B. DeMille). 1921: Forbidden Fruit (C. B. DeMille); Fool?s Paradise (C. B. DeMille); The Affairs of Anatol (C. B. DeMille). 1922: Saturday Night (C. B. DeMille); Manslaughter (C. B. DeMille). 1923: The Ten Commandments (C. B. DeMille); Adam?s Rib (C. B. DeMille). 1924: Triumph (C. B. DeMille); Feet of Clay (C. B. DeMille). 1925: The Road to Yesterday (C. B. DeMille); The Golden Bed (C. B. DeMille). 1926: The Volga Boatman (C. B. DeMille). 1927: The King of Kings (C. B. DeMille) (co); Chicago (Urson). 1928: Ned McCobb?s Daughter (Cowan); Craig?s Wife (W. C. de Mille). 1929: Noisy Neighbors (Reisner); The Godless Girl (C. B. DeMille); Dynamite (C. B. DeMille). 1930: Lord Byron of Broadway (Nigh and Beaumont); This Mad World (W. C. de Mille) (co); Madam Satan (Madame Satan) (C. B. DeMille). 1931: The Squaw Man (The White Man) (C. B. DeMille); Guilty Hands (Van Dyke); The Great Meadow (Brabin) (co). 1932: The Sign of the Cross (C. B. DeMille); The Beast of the City (City Sentinel) (Brabin); The Wet Parade (Fleming). 1933: Tonight Is Ours (Walker); Cradle Song (Leisen); This Day and Age (C. B. DeMille). 1934: Four Frightened People (C. B. DeMille); Cleopatra (C. B. DeMille); Menace (Murphy); Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (Taurog); One Hour Late (Murphy). 1935: The Crusades (C. B. DeMille). 1936: The Plainsman (C. B. DeMille). 1937: This Way Please (Florey). 1938: Bulldog Drummond in Africa (L. King); Hunted Men (Crime Gives Orders) (L. King); Sons of the Legion (Hogan); The Buccaneer (C. B. DeMille). 1939: Television Spy (Dmytryk); Union Pacific (C. B. DeMille). 1940: Women without Names (Florey); Northwest Mounted Police (C. B. DeMille). 1941: Land of Liberty. 1942: Reap the Wild Wind (C. B. DeMille); Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (Murphy). 1943: The Commandos Strike at Dawn (Farrow). 1944: The Story of Dr. Wassell (C. B. DeMille); Tomorrow the World (Fenton). 1945: Love Letters (Dieterle). 1947: Unconquered (C. B. DeMille). 1949: Samson and Delilah (C. B. DeMille). 1952: The Greatest Show on Earth (C. B. DeMille). 1956: The Ten Commandments (C. B. DeMille).


Bitch edited The Ten Commandments when she was 75.

She was nominated for the Academy Award 4 times and won once.

She is the first woman to win an Academy Award for film editing.

Bauchens & DeMille – the first great editor-director team.




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