And the Prize for the “Most-Bizarre-But-Also-Most-Awesome-Hollywood-Career-EVER” goes to. . .

. . .Duwayne Dunham!!


We have a winner, folks!

Not ONLY did he edit Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet, but also one of my SUPER-DUPER-all-time-faves:


 (Yes, this is the actual trailer.  No, I don’t get it either)

 Later, just to confirm his place in the Awesome Hall of Fame, he edited the Twin Peaks pilot (won an Emmy), and then went on to DIRECT three episodes of Twin Peaks.


But what puts him in a category all by himself is something he did as the Assistant Film Editor on the Empire Strikes Back.


Here he is as BOBA-frickin-FETT in the original costume screen-test from 1978!!


You can TRY to be cooler than this, but you can’t.  It’s impossible.

I suggest you just find a way to get over it and move on with your life.


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